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Counseling and Wellness

The Boston Conservatory encourages students to make physical and emotional health a priority in their lives.

The Counseling and Wellness Center is located in the lower level of 32 The Fenway and is available to help students achieve a greater sense of wellness through counseling, education, and connection with community resources. The Counseling and Wellness Center provides short-term individual counseling, mental health assessments and referrals, offers wellness programs and consultations throughout the year, and coordinates services for students with disabilities. The Counseling and Wellness Center also acts as a liaison with our student medical services at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, administers the student health insurance program, and oversees immunization requirements for students. 

Counseling and Wellness Mission Statement

The Boston Conservatory's Counseling and Wellness Center Supports the whole student: body, mind and spirit. We partner with students to provide and connect them with resources that encourage growth, validate needs and challenge barriers to promote an inclusive, compassionate community.

Student Affairs Wellness Philosophy

At The Boston Conservatory, we believe that wellness is an essential foundation for personal and artistic development throughout one's life. We strive to provide students with education, consultation, counseling, and resources that promote healthy lifestyles now and in the future.

Visit us at:

The Counseling and Wellness Center
32 The Fenway, Lower Level

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