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Circulation Policies

The Library is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees and overseers. Others associated with schools in the Pro Arts Consortium and specified area schools may use the library but may not be extended borrowing privileges.

All patrons must show appropriate identification.

The library is not open to the general public. All visitors not affiliated with The Boston Conservatory must request an appointment with a librarian to gain access to the library.

Loans periods and circulation parameters for patron groups are as follows

Boston Conservatory Students, Staff, Trustees and Overseers

  • Books and scores (non-reference): 3 weeks, plus a 3-day grace period
  • Commercial audiovisual recordings: 3 days
  • Boston Conservatory audiovisual recordings: in-library use only
  • Journals, reference materials, course reserves: in-library use only

Boston Conservatory Alumni

  • Alumni who have successfully graduated from The Boston Conservatory are entitled to borrowing privileges, providing they have fulfilled all library graduation obligations. The loan period, fine schedule and all other circulation policies are the same as for current students (see above).

Boston Conservatory Faculty

  • Books and scores (non-reference): 1 semester
  • Commercial audiovisual recordings: for limited times; class preparation purposes
  • Boston Conservatory audiovisual recordings: in-library use only
  • Journals, reference materials, course reserves: may check out for limited times with permission from a librarian

Pro Arts Consortium Students, and other affiliated schools

  • All materials are for in-library use only

Guests (By appointment only)

  • All materials are for in-library use only 

General Circulation Policies

  • Patrons may check out a maximum of 5 books and 3 audiovisual materials in one day. All exceptions are at the discretion of a librarian.
  • All Reference, Course Reserves, Boston Conservatory audiovisual recordings and periodicals are for in-library use only.
  • Materials may be recalled at any time if they are needed by a faculty member or for Course Reserve. 

Loan Periods, Fines Schedule, Overdue Notices, Renewals: Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

Loan Period

  • Circulating books and scores are lent out for 3 weeks, plus a 3 day grace period.
  • Circualting audiovisual materials are lent out for 3 days, with no renewals and no grace period.

Fines Schedule

  • $0.25 for each day an item is overdue ($1/day for audiovisual materials), up to $15.00 per item.
  • Faculty will be held responsible for all materials checked out under their library accounts and are expected to pay replacement fees for any lost items.
  • Borrowing privileges are suspended when total fines reach $15.00 or more.
  • Please pay all fines directly to a Library Staff member unless otherwise instructed.
  • If an item becomes overdue by 3 months or more, a replacement charge is assessed and added to the patron’s account. A Library Academic Hold is also placed on the patron’s school account. Once the patron returns the book or pays the replacement charge, and pays any associated fines, the Hold will be removed. (Please see below for our full Replacement Charge Policy.)
  • In order to graduate or withdraw from TBC in good standing, all fines must be paid and loans returned. Diplomas and transcripts will be held until all accounts are settled. (Please see below for our full Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Policy.)

Overdue Notices

  • The library will attempt to send an overdue notice once a loan becomes overdue. Student overdue notices are sent exclusively via Boston Conservatory email. Alumni overdue notices are sent to the personal email provided by the patron.
  • Overdue notices are only a courtesy. Ultimately, it is the patron’s responsibility to keep track of his or her due dates and return or renew books on time. If a patron does not receive a notice for any reason, he or she is still responsible for fines accrued. Any patrons who feel they have received a notice in error are encouraged to speak with a librarian immediately. 


Loans may be renewed for a maximum of 5 times. Renewals will not be allowed if you have reached your fines maximum or if materials have been requested by another patron. The library reserves the right to reject your renewal request.

There are 3 ways to renew your loan:

  1. Self renewal online: login to your library account on Koha and renew your items.
  2. In Person: Stop by the circulation desk and ask to renew your loans. You do not have to bring the materials with you.
  3. By Phone: Call (617) 912-9131 during our hours of operation.

Replacement Charge Policy

Once your loans become overdue by 3 months or more, a replacement charge is added to your library account.

This is the estimated amount the library will spend to replace the overdue material. If you return the material we will reverse the replacement charge. The library does not offer reimbursement if the material is returned after you pay replacement charges.

The late fees associated with this item are not reversible. These are permanent charges. As a courtesy, we stop these overdue charges once they reach $15.00. Therefore, when you receive a replacement charge notice, you will be charged $15.00 for each overdue item.

Please be aware that you may have other library fees on your record not associated with replacement charges. 

Your Boston Conservatory student account will be placed on academic hold until the material is returned or replacement charges are paid, as well as associated overdue fines.

This hold will prevent you from making changes to your class schedule or accessing your schools transcripts and diploma. Library fines and unreturned library materials may keep a student from participating (walking) in the commencement ceremony.

If the overdue material is ordered by the library before you have returned it, you must then pay replacement charges and lose the option to return the materials. Replacement of 3-month overdue materials occurs at the library’s discretion. In most cases materials will be re-ordered 1 month after replacement charges are assigned. The library does not offer reimbursement if the material is returned after it is replaced by the library.

NOTE TO ALUMNI: If the library replaces these materials, the library will forward all charges to the Bursar’s office. The Bursar’s office will continue to pursue these charges until they are paid in full. 

All payments must be made directly to a Librarian (unless otherwise instructed).

Our student workers are not permitted to accept fines payments. Please see the website for our current hours of operation. We accept cash and checks - checks should be made out to “The Boston Conservatory.”

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Policy

If a student files for a Leave Of Absence or withdraws from school he or she is expected to return all loans and pay all fines to the library. Using an LOA/Withdrawal Form provided by the Registrar’s office, students must get a librarian’s signature verifying the all library obligations have been met. Once withdrawn from school, or on a leave of absence, loan privileges are suspended.

In certain extenuating circumstances, a student may not be able to obtain these signatures in person and may notify the Registrar of his or her intent to leave remotely. In this scenario, if a student has outstanding fines at the time of notification, the total will automatically be added to the student’s school account in the Bursar’s office. If the student has loans at this time, his or her school account will be placed on hold, restricting access to transcripts. The student then has 30 days from the day the library is notified to return all materials. If loans have not returned been returned within 30 days, a non-refundable replacement charge, along with any other fines accrued, will be added to the student’s school account. To be clear, the student will not be refunded, even if the book is returned at a later date.

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