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Reference and Research Assistance

Help is available from student library assistants during all library hours of operation. For reference questions and assistance with research, periodicals and other topics, librarians are available from Sunday through Friday. Simply ask at the circulation desk and we will be more than willing to help. For larger projects or research, please schedule a reference appointment.

Reference Appointments

Need to write a research paper?  We want to make sure you maximize the use of our resources, and we want to be there to help you with that!  As you may or may not know, librarians are always here to help you gather resources.  But we also have an official library reference service.  Here’s how it works:

Fill out our form.  We will reply to confirm your appointment.

Come prepared.  Search for resources on your own.  We will do some investigating ourselves in the meantime.

Come in and meet with us!  We will compare our findings and hopefully be able to point you to some sources you may not have discovered.

Don’t wait till the last minute!  This stage of information gathering should be done as soon as your topic is assigned.

Text a Librarian

Got a quick question for the library?  Just text us at (yes, you can text an e-mail address instead of a phone number) anytime the library is open.  You'll get a text back from us as soon as possible!

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