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Chamber Music Masterclasses, Meetings, and Concerts



   23 (Friday)  no meeting

   30 (Friday)  groups and classes announced (mandatory attendance)


   6 (Friday)  no masterclass

   13 (Friday)  no masterclass

   12 (Thursday) "Sound Bites" Concert 6pm Museum of Fine Arts

   14 (Saturday) Honors Ensemble Concert 8pm Seully Hall 

   20 (Friday)  no masterclass

   27 (Friday)  no masterclass


   6 (Friday)  Diagnesis Duo, voice and cello new music duo

   13 (Friday)  Masterclass with David Russell, cellist, faculty Wellesley College

   20 (Friday)  spring break

   27 (Friday)  Mid Semester Concert


   3 (Friday)  Honors Auditions

   10 (Friday)  Masterclass with Kirill Gerstein, pianist 

   17 (Friday)  A panel presentation and discussion on cutting edge organizations by

            vibrant musicians. Julie Leven, Shelter Music; Javier Caballero, Project STEP;

            and Judith Eissenberg, MusicUnitesUs

   23 (Thursday)  Honors Concert 8pm Seully Hall (mandatory attendance)

   24 (Friday)  Masterclass with Judith Gordon, pianist

   28 (Tuesday)  Chamber Music Concert Houston Hall

   30 (Thursday)  Chamber Music Concert 8pm Seully Hall - HONORS CONCERT


    1 (Friday)  Chamber Music In-Class Concert 11am


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