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Chamber Music FAQs

Q: If I’m assigned to a chamber music CLASS (Duo Class, Classical Style Class, etc) do I have to attend the masterclasses? 

A: No. You should attend your class.


Q: If I’m in an individually coached group how many masterclasses do I have to attend?

A: All masterclasses.


Q: If I have another class (or work) that meets on Fridays from 11 – 12:50 can I take chamber music?

A: No. You must be free Fridays 11:00am - 12:50pm.


Q: May I select my own coach?

A: No. You may request a coach but final assignments are made by the Chamber Music Chair, Rhonda Rider.


Q: May I take a second group?

A: Yes, if it is taken for credit and with permission of the Chair.


Q: May my duo be coached individually (not in a class)?

A: No. All duos are coached in classes.


Q: Do I have to attend the Honors Concert?

A: Yes. All people enrolled in chamber music must attend the Honors Concert.


Q: How do I get to play in a masterclass?

A: Send an email to the Chair or Hyun Jeong Helen Lee ( as soon as possible.


Q: How do I get to play outreach concerts?

A: Send an email to the Chair and she will contact Kim Haack about outreach events.


Q: Does filling out the required chamber music form mean I will get everything I ask for? 

A:  No but we will try to grant all requests.


Q: Are all groups are required to perform twice during the semester. 

A:  Yes.


Q: Does a student recital count? Does an off campus concert count? Does an out reach event count? 

A:  Yes to all.


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