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English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Boston Conservatory offers a comprehensive program of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and enrolls students at all levels of English ability. It is the goal of the ESL Program to provide students with the English language skills necessary to be academically and professionally successful. Skill areas addressed in ESL classes include conversation, grammar and writing structures. Partner work, oral presentations and completion of written assignments and exams is expected. 

Undergraduate students are not permitted to enroll in required Liberal Arts course work or specific divisional courses in history or criticism until they have demonstrated sufficient English skill by an examination administered at matriculation or by successful completion of ESL course work. ESL faculty work with divisional faculty to mentor an international student’s transition into that required academic course work. Placement in an appropriate ESL class is by faculty evaluation only. TOEFL and other test scores are used as a means of evaluating candidates for admission to the Conservatory, but not as a means of placement. All ESL coursework is considered remediation, and credits earned may not be used to fulfill undergraduate Liberal Arts electives or graduate electives.

LA013 and LA014, ESL Intermediate. 

Most students come to The Boston Conservatory already having had some years of formal English language instruction. The main objective of this course is to allow students to actively use in speaking and writing the English acquired during previous study. From this foundation, students expand their knowledge and use of the English language in all the major skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural understanding.

8 hours weekly; 1-3 credits

LA015 and LA016, ESL Advanced.

4 hours weekly; 1-3 credits

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