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Graduate Performance Diploma in Multiple Woodwind Performance



Key Policies

  • The first year recital will involve performance on a minimum of two instruments. In the second year, students are required to perform a recital involving a minimum of three instruments. 
  • For those students capable of engaging the development of proficiency in all five wind instruments, work in the primary instrument shall be deemphasized during the two year program. 
  • Students must earn at least a B- in all courses taken for graduate credit for those courses to count toward the diploma. 
  • Non-native English speakers are evaluated upon matriculation and may be required to take specific English as a Second Language course work as part of their program. Students taking ESL are not permitted to enroll in certain kinds of courses until they have attained appropriate levels of proficiency in English; however, the core courses required in the GPD may be begun on arrival at The Conservatory. GPD students for whom ESL work is required remain in that work until they complete the second semester of intermediate level work with a B- or better. 
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