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Graduate Level English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

LA093 and LA094, Intermediate ESL. 

Students learn and practice various forms of rhetorical essay patterns needed to successfully compete in regular academic courses. Listening and public speaking skills are also addressed. The course culminates with a formal research paper and oral presentation.

8 hours weekly plus tutorials; 1 credit

LA095 and LA096, Advanced ESL. 

In the first semester students practice summarizing, critique writing and persuasive writing. In the second semester, undergraduate students are introduced to reading and writing personal narratives as well as reading and responding to literature. ESL instructors coordinate with Liberal Arts faculty and divisional faculty in history and criticism courses to mentor students in specific writing problems. Graduate students focus on writing a personal biography and preparing a press packet for use upon graduation, while also working on papers for graduate seminars courses taken concurrently.

4 hours weekly plus tutorials; 1 credit

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