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Undergraduate General Music

MU130, MU230, MU330, and MU430, Concerts and Recitals. 

Attendance at Boston Conservatory recitals and concerts (12 per semester) forms a vital part of the musician’s education as a listener and audience member.

0 credits

MU273, Alexander Technique for Musicians. 

An introduction to F.M. Alexander’s techniques of body and mind awareness, alignment and relaxation for the performing musician. Undergraduate and graduate students in Music may elect this course. May be repeated for credit up to a total of 4 credits.

2 hours weekly; 1 credit

MU370, The Creative Musician. 

Course objectives are to discern each student's personal goals in music, to expand our awareness of what is possible to do as musicians, to cultivate each person's creativity as an individual and as a  collaborator, and to explore each student's potential as an imaginative performer, teacher, colleague, and creative being. This course challenges students with creative assignments and materials; includes guest presenters such as innovative performers, child development specialists, and therapeutic musicians; expands awareness of other art forms; introduces modern teaching techniques such as Dalcroze and Music for People; and provides a place for open dialogue. 

Fall Semester; 2 hours weekly; 2 teachers; 1 credit  

MU 473, Improvisation Workshop.

2 hours weekly; 2 credits

MU490, Internship in Performing Arts. 

An internship involves work in the field that is germane to the student’s program of study and supervised by a Conservatory faculty member and an on-site supervisor. Approval for internship credit is granted by petition through a form available in the offices of the Registrar, the Music Division, and Academic Affairs. The amount of credit approved is based on the average amount of work to be accomplished off-site on a weekly basis. International students in F1 status must obtain curricular practical training authorization from the Director of International Student Services before beginning any off-campus internship or employment.

0.5–3 credits

MU497, Career Skills for Musicians. 

The goal of this course is to prepare students to seek, fill, and devise opportunities for careers as musicians in the future by learning and experiencing the necessary perspectives, attitudes, and skills to pursue and maintain satisfying and profitable careers in the broad area of music.  This includes producing materials to identify and promote themselves, financial, tax, and legal information; entrepreneurial projects that research and explore career possibilities; and experiencing and deepening their creative potentials as musicians, as colleagues, and as participants in our society. 

Spring Semester; 2 teachers; 2 hours weekly; 1 credit.

MU498, Independent Study in Music. 

Students may petition to do independent work mentored by a music division faculty member. Approval is granted when the project specified is substantive, meaningful, and is something that the individual student can accomplish through primarily independent work. Petition forms are available in the offices of the Registrar, the Music Division and Academic Affairs.

0.5–3 credits

ED201, The Musician as Educator. 

An introduction to Music Education as a vocation and a profession; offers performance majors considering the Concentration in Music Education an opportunity to assess the field itself and their own aptitudes for teaching. Through readings, discussions and selected observations in the field students develop skills in observing educational situations and settings and a “teacher’s perspective,” coming to see schools as productive workplaces and teachers as valuable colleagues.

2 hours weekly; 1 credit

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