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Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy (One Year Program)

17 credits

This degree is open only to graduates of The Boston Conservatory Master of Music in Voice or Opera.

Year 1

Applied Lesson in Voice | 6 cr
Vocal Coaching | 2 cr
Structure and Function of the Singing Mechanism | 2 cr (Fall)
Voice Instruction Practicum | 1 cr (Fall)
History of Vocal Pedagogy | 2 cr (Spring)
Repertoire for the Teaching Studio | 1 cr (Spring)
Comparative Pedagogy | 1 cr (Spring)
Approved Electives | 2 cr
Recital and Concert Attendance | 0 cr

Key Policies 

  • Full-time students must be enrolled in at least 7 credits per semester and may take up to 10 credits per semester without incurring any additional tuition charges. 
  • Students must earn at least a B- in all courses taken for graduate credit. 
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