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Off-Campus Housing


Finding housing in Boston can be difficult but it is not impossible. To find housing that meets whatever requirements you may have, you must be prepared to put a great deal of planning and effort into your search. The following information has been designed to aid you in that search.

If you would like to call or stop by, the Director of Housing & Student Life will be happy to give you the limited information on specific listings and try to answer any general questions you may have about off-campus housing.

For students hoping to find another Boston Conservatory student to room with, we encourage you to post on the Admissions Office's facebook page for incoming students.  You can also create an account on and use the housing forum to connect with arts students from all six schools of the ProArts Consortium that might be looking for roommates or offering housing in the area.

More Information about Off-campus living


If you have questions about Off-Campus Housing, please contact or talk to your SGA Off-Campus Representative.

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