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Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course


January 21 - May 1, 2015

Registration is not yet open. Please click here to provide us with your contact information if you are interested in being notified when registration opens! 


Since fall 2012, The Boston Conservatory has offered an Alexander Technique Teacher Certificate Program. Participants who complete this program have the option of joining Alexander Technique International (ATI) as a Teaching Member and becoming eligible to receive ATI’s professional certification.

Our full Alexander Technique Instructor Certification requires a three-year/1600 hour program. 

For more information on the Alexander Technique visit


This course is affiliated with the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, Tommy Thompson, director.

Tuition and Fees

$725 per class

$1100 seminar (3rd year students only) 

Core Class Schedule

Tuesday 7-9 p.m.

Wednesday 8-10 a.m.

Friday 8-10 a.m. 


For questions or to register, please contact the Extension Programs office:
phone: (617) 912-9203
fax: (857) 207-3203

Registration deadline for Fall 2013 enrollment  is September 1.

The Alexander Technique Training Course Curriculum - 1600 hours

AT Core Courses    (520 hours)   6 hours per week

AT Training Core I a 84 hours
AT Training Core I b 84 hours
AT Training Core II a 84 hours
AT Training Core II b 84 hours
AT Training Core III a 56 hours
AT Training Core III b 56 hours
AT Training Summer Core 72 hours

AT Reading Courses (510 hours)  

AT Reading I a 60 hours
AT Reading I b 105 hours
AT Reading II a 105 hours
AT Reading II b 30 hours
AT Reading III a 105 hours
AT Reading III b 105 hours

Approved Workshops   (60 hours)

AT Seminar Courses (136 hours)
3 hours per week -- in the 3rd year only

 AT Seminar I  42 hours
 AT Seminar II  94 hours

AT Internship (56 hours)
2 hours per week in the AT for Musicians Course

AT Internship I   28 hours
 AT Internship II  28 hours

Practicum Teaching (150 hours)
3.5 hours per week 

Practicum Teaching I   52 hours
Practicum Teaching II 49 hours
Practicum Teaching III  49 hours  

Approved Electives

(168 hours) course selections include:

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