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2014 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report


Fire Safety & Education 

2014 Fire & Safety Report

2014 Campus Safety and Security Survey

The Director of Public Safety, Director of Housing and Student Life and Residence Director life meet with each resident in every residence hall at a mandatory meeting on the first evening at the start of each Semester to pass important safety information.

Fire Safety, Housekeeping and Evacuation Procedures are discussed. Fire drills are conducted each semester to ensure all students are aware of their evacuation routes and are out of the buildings within three minutes.  Unannounced drills are repeated until all facets of evacuation have been met. False fire alarms are not counted as part of these drills. All resident halls are patrolled throughout the day, evening and night.  These patrols are designed to notice conditions that need to be corrected such as fire exits blocked or lights extinguished.

Housekeeping and policies such as trash removal and banned items (candles, incense or any electrical hazards) are reported to the Facilities Department immediately through repairs request written as Conditions Observed.  A follow-up report is sent to Public Safety when these discrepancies have been repaired or corrected.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Please familiarize yourself with fire extinguisher locations, exits, and building fire alarms pull stations in the event of a fire. 
  • Smoke is the greatest danger in a fire. 
  • As you evacuate, or if you are trapped, always stay near the floor where the air is less toxic.
  • Activate the closest building fire alarm for emergency response. 
  • When the building fire alarm is sounded, always assume an emergency exists.
  • If a fire appears controllable, discharge a fire extinguisher toward the base of the flame.
  • Assist persons with disabilities to exit.  
  • Close doors to confine fire.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Should your clothing catch on fire-STOP DROP and ROLL to smother the flame.
  • If trapped shout at regular intervals to alert emergency crews of your location. 
  • Find a window and place an article of clothing outside of it to use as a marker for rescue crews.

Important Phone Numbers

Boston Police*

dial 911

Boston Fire*

dial 911


dial 911

Poison Center


Public Safety






Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center   
Emergency Unit 617-667-3338
Psychiatric Services 617-667-4735
Mass. General Hospital Emergency Unit


Rape Crisis Center 617-492-7273
Samaritans 617-247-0220

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous 617-569-8792
* Inform Public Safety if police, fire or ambulance is called  
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