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The Net Price Calculator was developed by the Department of Education to help first time undergraduate students determine the amount they'll have to pay for college or the "Net Price" of the college.  Students' income and household information is used to calculate estimated federal and institutional scholarship and grant aid, which is then used to determine the "Net Price".    PLEASE  NOTE, however, that while The Boston Conservatory will take your income into consideration if you've filled out the FAFSA, it does not award it's students based on income, it awards scholarships based on the merit of the audition

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The Boston Conservatory Financial Aid Office administers a variety of assistance programs to help students finance their education when their own and their family's resources are inadequate for that purpose.

Scholarship and financial aid resources may be awarded individually or in combination, depending on the applicant's need and qualifications.

While the Conservatory is unable to meet the financial needs of all who apply, every effort is made to distribute funds as equitably as possible so that the greatest number may benefit.

Office of Financial Aid



Nicole Brennan
Director of Financial Aid

Jessica Raine
Assistant Director of Financial Aid


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