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Theater Audition Requirements

Musical Theater

Bachelor of Fine Arts | Master of Fine Arts

Auditions for musical theater applicants (both undergraduate and graduate) include an acting, vocal and dance audition. Applicants should prepare age-appropriate material. There is no musicianship/theory exam at the auditions.

NOTE: In-Person auditions are required of anyone residing in the 48 contiguous states. Only international applicants and residents of Hawaii and Alaska may submit a recorded audition.


Musical Theater applicants must prepare two short, contrasting monologues from the following:

  • Modern, post-war literature: examples of post-war dramatists are Miller, Williams, Albee, Inge and Shepard.
  • Classical literature: examples of classical pieces include Shakespeare’s comedies and histories or Moliere.

A 4-minute time limit for the total acting portion of the audition will be enforced.


Musical Theater applicants must prepare two brief, contrasting songs from the Broadway repertoire: one ballad and one upbeat selection. Applicants should:

  • Select songs that demonstrate vocal quality, phrasing, rhythmic skills, and lyric interpretation;
  • Select songs that express a character’s feelings more than songs that tell a story (avoid narrative songs);
  • Prepare age-appropriate material;
  • Avoid long intros leading into songs;
  • Limit each song to 2 minutes, preferably 32 bars (a verse and a chorus).

Applicants must bring pre-recorded accompaniment on an mp3 player (no CDs permitted). We will provide speakers and an auxiliary plug for your device. There will be no CD player or piano available in the audition room.

Again, a 4-minute time limit for the total singing portion of the audition will be enforced.

Dance Call

Musical Theater applicants should be prepared to learn a combination in various musical theater styles. Expected audition dress attire is as follows:

  • Women: Solid-colored unitard or leotard with dance pants.
  • Men: Form-fitting, solid-colored tee shirt and jazz pants. 
  • Both: Please bring ballet slippers and jazz shoes to the theater dance audition (no tap shoes required).


Contemporary Theater

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Performance training and ensemble performance are integral to the Contemporary Theater program, and all applicants are required to audition. Auditions for Contemporary Theater applicants include an individual audition and ensemble audition. Because of the ensemble nature of the program and the audition, we do not accept recorded auditions from applicants in the 48 contiguous states. International applicants or applicants residing in Hawaii or Alaska may request a recorded audition combined with a Skype interview. To schedule your audition, first submit an online application and follow the steps in the confirmation email.

Individual Audition

Contemporary Theater applicants must prepare two, contrasting contemporary monologues: one comic and one serious. Monologues should be objective-driven rather than story-driven, and drawn from a significant play written between 1960 and the present. Monologues should be age-appropriate and applicants should be familiar with the full play. Time limit: 3 minutes total. Following the individual and ensemble audition, applicants will be interviewed individually by Conservatory faculty.

Ensemble Audition

The ensemble portion of the audition is designed to be a practical workshop in ensemble theater techniques. Working in small groups, applicants will be guided through a series of voice and movement exercises, improvisations, and creative tasks by a Conservatory faculty member. Applicants are expected to dress in appropriate movement clothes (tee-shirts, leggings, warm-up pants) for this portion of the audition, and should expect to practice in bare feet.

Artistic Resume

Please bring an artistic resume to the audition, and include any of the following.

  • Performance experience
  • Performance training (acting, directing, dance/choreography, playwriting, design, stage crew, etc.)
  • Special skills (combat training, circus, accents, etc.)
  • Applied study (instrument or voice, with whom, for how long)
  • Festivals and summer programs attended

Supplementary Materials (optional)

Students who have significant strengths in other areas of theater-making are encouraged to bring supplementary materials (directing portfolio, playwriting, design portfolio, etc.) to be weighed in conjunction with the audition. If they choose to, applicants may upload documents online prior to the live audition, or bring a hard copy of these materials to the audition to give to the faculty. Note: These supplementary materials are not required for admission consideration.

Recorded auditions for the BFA in Contemporary Theater are accepted only from international applicants and applicants residing in Hawaii or Alaska.  These auditions consist of two recorded assignments (one solo composition and one ensemble composition), a Skype monologue audition, and a Skype interview. To receive the recorded composition assignments, please contact Program Director, Wanda Strukus.


Recorded Auditions

Only international applicants and residents of Alaska and Hawaii may submit a recorded audition. No recorded auditions will be accepted from students residing in the 48 contiguous states; they must audition live in Boston or regionally. If you choose to send a recording, it must be in video format and satisfy all the requirements listed above. 

For the Musical Theater dance call requirement, record a musical theater style dance piece on a stage or in a studio. The piece should be no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Please show technique as well as musicality. Incomplete recorded auditions for Musical Theater will not be considered for admission.

All applicants are encouraged to introduce themselves and provide any information they would like to convey to the faculty.

The required method for receiving your recording is online.


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